About Us

The company has been well known throughout the industrial and domestic users due to its ability to custom design and produce durable, quality products. Such commitments are appreciated among our new and repeated customers. Aristocrat furnisher is continuously striving towards introducing new quality products. We specialize in broad spectrum of product namely Hotel products, Home products, office products, educational products and Kids products.


To help people lead the life they choose

Novel design

Our in-house team designs high-class collections you won’t find anywhere else.


We have artificer collectors around the land to help preserve our woodcraft traditions and create opportunities for sustainable employment.

Fair Trade

We are the first to join Fair Trade, ensuring workers fair wages, healthy working conditions, and community development.

Our Celebrated Clients


  • You can communicate with our friendly staff or directly with the owners.


  •  We sell directly to You no middle man.

No Worries

  •  Giving You piece of mind by supplying you a 1-year factory warranty.


  • You get what you want as we do custom designing around standard furniture.


  • You can choose the design or supply your own design, choose the wood color and fabrics.

Have a question? Well, we’d love to answer.